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Home Alarm Systems – Why Perth Homes Need Them!

Security Alarms PerthPerth is the best place to live in the world with our fantastic weather, white beaches, and outdoor lifestyle. But like all cities your home can be broken into and you could lose your possessions or worse- your memories including photos on your computer or family videos on your DVD cameras and recorders.

These days, home security alarm systems are inexpensive and make you a far less attractive target for opportunistic thieves. 

ABR Security offers a reliable and professional service from a family business dedicated to ultimate customer satisfaction.  Alarm systems are a familiar product to many of us but at ABR Security we will explain in plain English the best system for your home and budget.  We will then professionally install your alarm and clean up after our selves.

The new era for alarm systems

A new era of alarm systems is upon us, with a host of new features including fire detection, event monitoring, remote control, and integration with your home automation system.

For example, you can use your alarm system to turn off lighting, air conditioning, heating etc when you leave the house. This means less for you to worry about when you leave and saves you energy and money too!

ABR Security’s smart new level of security provides -

  • Partial arming to allow movement in designated areas.
  • Personal "panic" buttons that can be carried around your home.
  • Pet sensors to reduce false alarms when pets are left inside.
  • Integration with home automation - lighting control as you leave or return home.
  • Smoke detectors linked to sirens and strobes.
  • Calls to your mobile phone when the alarm is tripped.
  • Remote control of your alarm via phone or your mobile.
  • SMS messages from the alarm system - know when the kids arrive home!

ABR Security offers a range of equipment from simple single story home systems to multi zoned systems for two story properties.

Why not make use of our expertise in this area and ask us to help you with selection and design? Don't forget, we can also supply the cables, connectors, conduits, brackets, and fixings, so there's no need to go anywhere else! 

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